Friday, September 30, 2005

hey peoples. nothing major to report, but the fat girl can say that she discovered one thing: it's always better to hand-stir brownies than to blend them with a hand mixer. hmm, what else...oh yeah, the fat girl found this awesome website where you can download a plugin for your preferred music player (the fat girl uses the itunes one) and it logs into the website and reports what tracks you've listened to. hey, go and see what the fat girl is listening to right now.

did tfg tell you guys about garage band? if not, there's no time like the present. garage band is a website that basically gives unsigned bands some publicity and a chance to spread their music. how exactly do they do that? well, they give away free music. that's right, free. really free. not illegally free. not riaa unapproved free. completely gratis. so, when you're done watching your NSYNC concert dvd, and have nothing else to do, go there. and when you are there, look for the band pacemaker jane. "good suspicion" and "power steering" are awesome tracks.

here's to the night...


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