Saturday, November 19, 2005

sorry y'all, but the fat girl has to go on a little hiatus (she's been on one, she knows). So, please don't take offense if you all don't hear from her until 2006.

your friendly neighborhood fat girl

Friday, September 30, 2005

hey peoples. nothing major to report, but the fat girl can say that she discovered one thing: it's always better to hand-stir brownies than to blend them with a hand mixer. hmm, what else...oh yeah, the fat girl found this awesome website where you can download a plugin for your preferred music player (the fat girl uses the itunes one) and it logs into the website and reports what tracks you've listened to. hey, go and see what the fat girl is listening to right now.

did tfg tell you guys about garage band? if not, there's no time like the present. garage band is a website that basically gives unsigned bands some publicity and a chance to spread their music. how exactly do they do that? well, they give away free music. that's right, free. really free. not illegally free. not riaa unapproved free. completely gratis. so, when you're done watching your NSYNC concert dvd, and have nothing else to do, go there. and when you are there, look for the band pacemaker jane. "good suspicion" and "power steering" are awesome tracks.

here's to the night...

Friday, September 16, 2005

oh, man. well, it was good while it lasted. yes, that's right: from august 22 to now, i've been going out with this guy named joel. well, tonight we broke up. don't worry; it was mutual, and the fat girl was planning on breaking up with him anyways. he was too anti-social. anyhoo, the fat girl found this really cool website to go to pass the time.

until we meet again...

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

well, the fat girl has good news: she just saved a bunch of money by switching to geico. no, seriously, she has a new boyfriend, and his name is joel. so, in honor of the name which the fat girl now praises, go check out some cool joels.

joel osteen
billy joel
joel madden

also, the fat girl felt like some brownies, so she made her own from this recipe. if you don't screw it up, they're some pretty good brownies.

Friday, August 19, 2005

ok; here's the situation: the fat girl wants to ask this guy she likes to the movies with her. she doesn't want to seem too forward (that's messed up a lot of things in the past), but she is anxious that he likes her too, but can't admit it because he's afraid of rejection. so, what movies should she see with him? or, what else could she do with him on their date?

post away people. also, please go to gizoogle. the fat girl promises you'll laugh your ass off.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

hello peoples. the fat girl just wanted to wish all a happy sunday, and tell you all about her linking epiphany with blogrolling. she is currently using the system for her links and loves it so far. she has also put up a link for blogrolling her under "feeds and stuff."

p.s. check the guys at geek speak radio out. their podcast usually consists of conversations about the latest technology in video games and computers, and other stuff like that. they're usually pretty good; the fat girl has most of their episodes on her ipod. did she mention you can also download the podcast from the new podcast directory on itunes? they also have this weird obession for the tv show lost(?).

Friday, August 12, 2005

howdy y'all! the fat girl is sorry she hasn't written, but OH BOY, does she have a GOOD ONE for you tonight!

now, the fat girl tries not to talk about politics and religion much on her blog (she's non-denominational christian and a democrat, if you must know) but when she did a search for pictures of deep fried candy bars (by popular request), she came across this article. She guesses it was because all the articles with pictures were talking about fattening foods; but she digresses. if you read the article, you will understand that the gist of it can be summed up this way: Satan controls fatty foods (and yes, they include dairy products) and he poisons everything in our lives: our air, our crops, and our water. the fat girl needs to stop right here. isn't the PERSON's fault what he or she chooses to eat or not eat? the fat girl simply does not believe in piling all the world's problems on a fallen angel (if you're going to get angry with the fat girl for calling satan a fallen angel, check your version of the story just how satan got to hell.) now, don't get her wrong: the fat girl believes there is a devil, and there is evil in the world. this does not, however make up for what we as humans do ourselves. and, of course there are natural disasters like floods and famine for which no one can be held accountable, but, for the most part, hate and evil come from man.

oy vey.

the fat girl won't even go into the author's comment of

"...We've already discussed how Satan has used feminism to destroy lifes. Gloria Steinem says that you are either a feminist or a masochist. She is wrong. Feminists are masochists. If women were taken care of and stayed home and did their job of being expert at cooking, they would feed their family right instead of making them fat and sick."

anyways, here's pictures of the deep fried candy bar.

Pictures courtesy of Puddin Party (cross-section) and St. Petersburg Times Online